SPOILER ALERT: Love & Hip Hop Reunion was like watching a FELONY in action

love-and-hiphop-atlanta_reunion_2015_blacksinhollywood(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – When we caught up with Joseline Hernandez and her hubby boo-thang, Stevie J, on the red carpet at the BET Awards we had a good exchange (video coming shortly) but who knew that just about two weeks later all HELL would break loose?

It all went down at the BET Studios where the show taped its reunion show in Manhattan section of New York City on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Apparently the full moon was out because from NYC to LA where the ESPYs were going down, folks were doing the most!

At the top of the reunion show, Joseline and Jessica Dime were “politely” airing out their differences. They handled things like ladies and we’re happy to report, no fighting happened between the two former lesbian lovers. Jocelyn made it clear that Dime was out of order for now stepping and addressing her concerns directly to her. Dime did things a bit messy by reaching out  behind her back to various cast members and putting Joseline’s life and past on blast.


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