GAY TO PLAY? Hollywood’s new standard and requirement of Black actors rubs audience wrong way

Michael K. Williams plays a gay veteran( – The memo is out: Hollywood is in a humor to cast popular Black actors but only if they play gay characters.

Some of the biggest names in Black Hollywood has been overlooked for years but suddenly their phones are ringing off the hook. Hollywood is looking to push a political agenda aimed at the Black community.

In the season finale of FOX’S show, “Empire,” the father who is portrayed as a no good, low down, womanizing crook is also named Lucious, which is a nickname for Lucifer. As a slap in the face to the Black community’s deeply religious roots, every episode has dissed the very things that the Black community holds dear. Still, hearing Lucious say, “Let’s see whose more powerful…your god or your father?” referring to his broken son’s desire for spiritual rebirth.

News that Raven Symone would join the cast of Black*ish as lesbian was met with another announcement that Phylicia Rashaad will portray a lesbian. Now comes word that Michael K. Williams will also have a new primetime role as a gay veteran with anger issues.

With the success of Ava Duvernay and Lee Daniels, heterosexual actors, directors and prosucers are finding themselves staring down the barrell of yet another barrier to equality.

Audiences are torn with supporting their favorite actors and their religious beliefs and with Hollywood banking rolling the project, it is clear to see that #BlackLivesDontMatter until they “play the game.”


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