EXCLUSIVE: Empire Records will have concert at BET Awards in L.A.

#Empire tv show concerts - #BET Experience - DC Livers

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – A source who asked not to be named for fear of getting fired tells Blacks in Hollywood that the Lyons’ Family will be performing at the BET Awards this summer.

Set against the musical backdrop of L.A. Live, Empire Records will feature artists including Jussie Smollet, Jennifer Hudson, Estelle and others who have appeared on the wildly popular show.

“FOX is looking to extend the show beyond the TV show because demand is that high. The concert at BET Awards makes perfect sense and BET has been hurting for big name acts for the past couple of years so this is truly a win win,” the source said. “The fans will eat it up.”

Empire’s growth has continued to amaze score keeps week after week since the show premiered in January 2015. The audiences – 61% are African American – have tuned in record levels for the first season. FOX has already announced it renewed the show for a second season, which is not that surprising considering that Empire is first show in at least 23 years to grow week-to-week after just first five episodes, according to a press release from Fox in early February 2015.

Ratings per show for Empire Season One (via Wikipedia):

– Episode 1: 9.9 million
– Episode 2: 10.32 million
– Episode 3: 11.07 million
– Episode 4: 11.36 million
– Episode 5: 11.47 million
– Episode 6: 11.96 million
– Episode 7: 13.02 million
– Episode 8: 13.80 million

Empire Records will have concerts across the United States and Jussie and Estelle will perform in London. Already the show has gotten its first big hit with a remake of Estelle’s song, #Conqueror, which was released July 2014. The remix of the song with Jussie Smollett landed at #4 on iTunes.

Estelle and jussie smollett


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