EMPIRE CAST SPOTLIGHT: Meet Richard Gallion the newest face on the hit TV show

Richard Gallion is Hawk on FOX's "Empire - BlacksinHollywood.com(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Since its premiere, Empire has featured some well-known guests including Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love, and Raven-Symone’ to name a few.

Beginning March 4, 2015, actor/director Richard Gallion will play “Hawk.” which he shared is both exciting and different.

“Episode Nine is more of my introduction, a peek into who I will be playing and representing. I work for Creedmoor Records, which is an opposition of Empire. It’s a different role than I usually play, this character has more levels to him,” he said.

“People want to see real-life. You get tired of the characters that do not exist at all, and I feel like all those characters could actually exist in the industry,” said Gallion.

As for what he thinks of the show he shared, “It grabs everyone’s attention, and I think it speaks to everyone from all walks of life. In some way, you can see either yourself or someone you know in some of these characters. It’s an eye-opener for people to understand just because you have money or just because you’re in the industry doesn’t mean you don’t have problems; you actually have some of the worst problems.”


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