EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube speaks with audience at Fist Fight movie screening

slide1(BlacksinHollywood.com) – He believes so much in this movie that Ice Cube personally weathered the snow and ice and made good on his promise to speak to the audience at the NYC screening of his newest movie, “Fist Fight,” which was hilarious (the movie we mean, not Ice Cube).

Dressed in a black pea coat, dark jeans and a black skull hat, Ice Cube used his intimidating humor to make the crowd laugh and it worked. Following his speech, several other comedians took to the stage to make the audience laugh prior to the movie.

With complimentary popcorn and drinks, the audience was armed and ready for what promised to be a very funny – although at times highly inappropriate – movie. This one is NOT for kids, not even by a little bit. The movie is so controversially funny that the commercials are banned from American TV, and rightfully so. With references to all of his other movies thrown in for good measure, fans of Ice Cube will not be disappointed.

With jokes about teacher/student romance, fights among teachers and references to drugs, Fight Fight: The movie is definitely one that you want to see if you’re not afraid to laugh at comedy and are capable of not allowing political correctness to rule your laughter. To make it even better, have a little drink before you see this movie. But don’t forget your adult diaper. This one will make you wet your pants. Ice Cube’s latest flick is a sure bet.

**** out of 5

#OscarsSoRight: Black movies hit big with film critics, actors score nominations


Exclusive Oscars Coverage by DC Livers, Veteran Entertainment Reporter

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – We’re calling it #OscarsSoRight because just one year after the Oscars started a virtual race war that led to an uprising at the election polls, the ship has been righted.

The nominations for the 2017 Oscars are in and it’s a big deal. BlacksinHollywood.com attended the 2016 Oscars and enjoyed the experience a lot despite no nominations for any African Americans. We found the event to be very professional, incredibly well done and memorable, despite the hoopla. Those who wanted diversity in film were correct in demanding change. That’s why BlacksinHollywood.com is commending the Academy for listening and making sweeping changes.

The nominees weren’t given because of racial quota. With the exception of MOONLIGHT (more on that later), BlacksinHollywood.com agrees wholeheartedly with the nominations of HIDDEN FIGURES and FENCES.

We’ll be attending the 2017 Oscars and providing great coverage for our loyal readers so stay tuned. Until then, enjoy this piece on what we’re calling: “The Road to the Oscars: BlackTwitter Style.” Continue reading

CASTING NEWS: Meagan Good lands reprisal role for “Foxy Brown” TV Show

meagan-good-foxy-brown-tv-show-blacksinhollywood(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Meagan Good has been acting for a long time but this role might be one that she was born to portray. With the news that the stunning actress will breathe new life into the old TV classic, “FOXY BROWN” (Pam Grier), Good is feeling the love.

BlacksinHollywood.com caught up with Meagan today as she entered the Wendy Williams Show taping in New York City. She was very happy about the news and excited to bring the show to a new generation.


CASTING NEWS: Taraji P. Henson lands role of hit woman in “Proud Mary”


(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – As news of the approval of the FOURTH SEASON of the hit TV series, EMPIRE, Taraji P. Henson is on a role.

She will play a hit woman whose life is upturned when she meets a young boy who awakens the maternal instinct she never knew she had. Although no director has been named, the studio says production will begin by April 2017.

Henson’s current movie, “Hidden Figures,” is expected to be nominated for an Oscar.

Black Dad Project uses social media to knock down stereotypes

Black Father support groups are meeting for events, networking and events like Father and Daughter tea parties(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – When it comes to Black fathers, the world has already made its decision. But a group of Black fathers are banding together to defy the stereotypes and show the world what a real Black dad looks like.

The Black dads are doing everything from writing kids books, inventing products to making music videos with their children to know how to have  self-esteem and how to handle peer pressure.

Black father support groups are meeting for events, networking and events like Father and Daughter tea parties.

Two dads Philos and Nivek gathered their daughters and made a music video called, “Better Living,” and chronicle their journey to teach their daughters right from wrong. What’s even more special about that is their daughters appear on the track with them. When one child raps saying, “Teach me how to forgive…” it’s a very endearing part of the song.

From dad groups to the Black Father Facebook Project, these Black dads are making their voices heard. Where some dads pop their gums about being humanitarians and want to help others, there are actually dads that put their money where their mouth is and prove it with actions.

Recalling a friend who told him, “I want to make fatherhood the coolest thing in the world so that everybody wants to be a dad,” Mark Prestbury says he’s upping the ante with his Black Fathers Facebook group.
His ultimate goal, he says, “is to make it so that you feel like if you’re not involved in your children’s lives, you’re a fool.” With 10,000 followers, the Black Fathers Facebook group allows members to share photos of heartwarming “daddy and daughter/son” moments to “change the narrative of what it means to be a Black father in America,” Prestbury said.
Many Black dads are starting to show that the trend of Black dads not being around for their children is a hurtful myth.
Here’s a list of Black Father Support Groups to consider joining:

100 Black Fathers


Black and Married with Kids

Mocha Dad

CASTING NEWS: Satina “Ma Barker” Pearce tapped for lead role in hip hop murder movie, “Project Barbie: The Sadia Morrison Story”

NEW YORK — (www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – After a four year search for the right actress, Satina “Ma Barker” Pearce has been cast for the lead role in the upcoming independent film, “Project Barbie: The Sadia Morrison Story,” which is in the early developmental stages. The film is slated for Summer 2017 release.
Ma Barker, the Brooklyn, NY-based rapper, was selected because of the similiarities of the two women’s lives, including a visual resemblance.
“It’s like when they found the rapper to play Biggie Smalls in “Notorious,” that’s how it feels to find Ma Barker. I was so excited when she signed on to do the project. Ma Barker brings such depth, personal experience and credibility to the role. Like Sadia, she’s beautiful, a bit dangerous and a lady boss,” said DC Livers the film creator. “I’ve also found a director who I hope to be able to get involved in the project. As with any project, there’s going to be fundraising needed to be able to bring the project to light but if I can get this director on board, I know that Sadia’s life story will amaze and inspire young people everywhere,” Livers said.
Morrison, who was thrown off the roof of a Bronx apartment building on Friday the 13th in June 2008, starting working with Jay Z at age 13 and died at age 26.
“Sadia did more with her 12 years than people who’ve spent their entire career in the industry have accomplished their entire career. She was definitely rough around the edges, sometimes even scary, but she was also the sweetest, most talented person I’ve met in a long time. Our personalities couldn’t have been further from each other but we were brought together by a mutual friend. I didn’t know anything about Sadia’s past when I met her. She was changing her life and doing really good. I’ve always hated that the first thing that comes up on her Google profile is about the Pacman Jones incident. Over the years, she’s stayed on my mind and I always knew that one day I would tell her story. We’re not going to try to solve a murder, instead we will focus on her life and accomplishments. No one wants to revisit that dark, dark time. Her life had lots of darkness but she overcame it. What she did with her life that most inspired me and made me truly admire her,” Livers said.

Roles for Meagan Good, Teyana Taylor, Charli Baltimore, Zab Judah, 50 Cent, radio hosts Miss Jones, Wendy Williams and others have not yet been cast. Casting notices will be placed on BlacksinHollywood.com when available.

Ma Barker is a Brooklyn-based rapper who is known for her marriage to rapper Kool G Rap and his relationship with Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Her hit song, “Look thru my window,” was selected for the theme song of a popular urban web series.

KANYE FOR PRESIDENT (Trump): Blonde rapper arrives at Trump Tower

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Against his wife’s wishes, BlacksinHollywood.com can CONFIRM that Kanye West is in New York City and meeting with president elect Donald Trump. Yeezy will also meet with mental health doctors while in NYC in hopes of finding one who will provide “personal services” in a yes man type of way.

NEWS: America’s Next Top Model attempts rebirth

5-things-you need to know about #RitaOra #ANTM

(BlacksinHollywood.com) – Without founder Tyra Banks at the helm and famed photographer Nigel Barker and of course Ms. Jaye, America’s Next Top Model should be called anything but.

Let’s face it. It’s just not the same. There is no African American women as judges. There’s just a lot of awkward weirdness.

But of course, the fashion is on point so it will likely be a hit. Listen to what new mom Tyra has to say about it in the video at the end of the article.


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EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West RELEASED from hospital after mental break in time for Saint’s first birthday


(BlacksinHollywood.com) – Kanye West – the sometimes loved sometimes hated rap star – has been released from a California hospital where he admitted by a doctor for a mental breakdown. He is now at home with his wife Kim Kardashian West and tkanye-released-from-hospital-home-with-wife-and-kids blacksinhollywood.comheir two children as well as her family. Kim has pledged to stay with her husband and fight for her family.

“Kanye is doing better,” an insider said. “Kim kept asking the doctors if they were sure he’s ok for him to leave. She loves him and wants him to get better but her mama bear gene kicked in and she wants what’s best for her children. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West’s mental health goes viral, Dr. Jeff Gardere breaks it down and offers advice

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Kanye West is under a lot of pressure but it seems that the pressure cook blew up this week. The dad of two is said to have mentally snapped and was taken to a Los Angeles hospital for a mental health evaluation after abruptly canceling the last 21 dates of his national tour.

Dr. Jeff Gardere breaks down what caused Kanye’s mind to break and how he and his family can go on frmo here.

E! News, which is part of the E! network that airs the Kardashian family reality show and its spinoffs, reported that West was hospitalized Monday afternoon after his personal doctor called 911. A rep for the E! network said “cameras were not filming when the 911 call was made and that they are not filming at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center” where West is being treated.  A spokeswoman for West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, had no comment.

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BLACK HOLLYWEIRD: Why fame is driving Black people crazy

Special Report to BlacksinHollywood

celebrity-mental-illnes(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Over the years, so many celebrities have confided in me about their mental state it became a challenge to keep up.

During a private lunch organized by Black Erotica author, Zane, I sat at a table in Prince George’s County, Maryland and listened – half in awe and half in horror – to author BeBe Moore Campbell pour her heart out to me.  I wasn’t a mother so there wasn’t any real way for me to relate to her pain but as a writer I knew what she was saying and doing was incredibly risky and oustandingly brave.

My daughter suffers from a mental illness. That’s why I wrote the book, “72 Hour Hold,” because that was all the hospital would give me. I knew my baby was sick and I was trying to get help for her but 72 hours is as long as the law allows a person to be held involuntarily. It’s called a 5150,” said Moore Campbell, whose daughter starred on a TV sitcom with LL Cool J before turning to sex and drugs. Continue reading

BLENDED FAMILY (A lie or the truth?) Alicia Keys is in hot water – again


(BlacksinHollywood.com) – Alicia Keys – who amazing voice has been loved by millions for years – can’t seem to keep her business to herself. From the “borrowed” #NoMakeUp Challenge to other uncessary overshares, Keys’ is angering as many people as she’s making happy.

But the latest offense seems to be the worse. Keys seems to deliberately ignore and not like her stepdaughter, Nicole, an innocent child born and living in London. Keys goes out of her way to exclude her in holiday cards, photos and recently in the video for her new song, “Blended Family.” This isn’t Cinderella but Alicia doesn’t seem mind playing the role of not so cool setep mother.

Hear Nicole’s Story by clicking: CONTINUE READING.

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AUDIO: MEGAN GOOD remembers Sadia Morrison while on the red carpet

Megan Good at the WEEN Awards 2016 (www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – There is little doubt that Sadia Morrison would have been a recipient of the WEEN Awards had she lived long enough. The popular celebrity stylist and publicist was murdered on Friday, June 13, 2008 when she was just 26 years old.

She was credited with helping to launch, develop or manage the careers of some of the nation’s most coveted clients like Jay Z, Kanye West, Thomas Jones, boxer Zab Judah, singers Teyana Taylor and others. She was also best friends with the actress Megan Good. Continue reading

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Complete transcript of Londell McMillan’s introduction to Lil Kim and he grants exclusive interview about Prince

Londell McMillan and Lil Kim as she receives the ICON Award

A gushing Londell McMillan said, “I can’t get over this woman. Lil Kim is lovingly loyal.”

(BlacksinHollywood.com)  – Kimberly Jones, affectionately known to the world as rapstress Lil Kim, was honored with the WEEN Icon Award at the 6th annual WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment) Awards in New York City.

“I love you so much for even making the decision,” said Kim while accepting the award. “Everyone who’s behind the decision to give me this award. I was excited from the moment I heard about it. I do this for my fans because they love me unconditionally. It’s just a blessing to this day.

“When I first got into this industry, I received a lot of hate,” Lil Kim said. “I still receive a lot of hate. But you know what? I’m a very sensitive person. I’m a cancer so it used to bother me. But every time I talked to God, he used to say, ‘Honey, let them keep hating.’ He let me know that no matter how much they hate, they cannot stop what he has for me.”

She was introduced by Londell McMillan, a powerhouse attorney whose words made many in the audience cry.

COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT of the entire introduction by LONDELL McMILAN as delivered at the 2016 WEEN Awards in NYC captured by DC Livers exclusively for BlacksinHollywood.com is BELOW. First, hear the interview he did with DC Livers

My dear friend. My little sister. My confidant. My argue partner. My client.

“Prince was my rocket ship. He was my affirmative action in my life into this business as an attorney. With Prince, if you’re being honest, in addition to his genius, if you go back Prince was the first one to have Tipper Gore come out with the advisory theme for his lyrics. Albums never were stickered before to separate adult content from general content and there is a difference right. Back then, it was very controversial. His music lead to a warning sign I say that because Lil Kim has been a bit controversial.

“Close your eyes and think about the year it must have been 1993, or 4,  or 5. Hip hop went West and it went West hard with the gangster rap. The lyrics challenged many of us. Continue reading

AWARDS honoring Meagan Good, Teyana Taylor, Kim and more

kim (BlacksinHollywood.com) – It’s going to be a night to remember.

The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) will present the Sixth Annual WEEN Awards to honor individuals who have raised global awareness for empowering women within their respective industries. The annual awards, coined as an evening of ‘glamour, philanthropy and social justice,’ will take place in New York City complete with a red carpet arrival ceremony. The theme of this year’s awards is #InSolidarity, and will pay homage to community, racial and social justice leaders in their plight to eradicate injustice, violence and disparities in Black and Latino communities. Continue reading

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kindred the Family Soul Kicks Off World Tour in NYC


(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – There’s so much to say about the decision for Kindred the Family Soul to kick off World Tour in New York City at B.B. King’s restaurant because it was a masterful one.

The history. The legends. The respect for B.B.’s work, it was all there and more as the packed house grooved and swayed and laughed to every sound. Now as the group prepares to turn out Howard University’s Homecoming with an epic performance at the historic HOWARD THEATRE, people are considering leaving their jobs and follow the band from state to state and Amsterdam in order not to miss a moment.

Only BlacksinHollywood.com and BlackPressRadio.com will have the exclusive details. Stay tuned! For now, enjoy this photo. Also, here’s also a video interview with the family as they thanked their fans for selling out of their CDs post concert.


November 17, 2016
Kindred the Family Soul with Trina Broussard
O2 Institute3 Birmingham
Digbeth, UK
November 18, 2016
Kindred the Family Soul
Paris, France
November 20, 2016
Kindred the Family Soul with Trina Broussard
The Jazz Cafe
London, UK
November 22, 2016
Kindred the Family Soul with Trina Broussard
Band on the Wall
Manchester, UK
December 10
Baltimore Soundstage
124 Market Place
Baltimore, MD 21202

WATCH: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood REUNION (Part 1)

safaree - nicki minaj - meek mill - love and hip hop reunion(BlacksinHollywood.com) – Normally, BlacksinHollywood.com doesn’t cover Reality TV that much, but since the show is called “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” we didn’t have much of a choice. In part one of the two-part finale, Ray and his new bride hit a rough patch and some of the other ladies can’t seem to escape the drama.

Summary: After a whirlwind season packed with sex tapes, prenups, and rappers having more kids out of wedlock this may be the most explosive epidsode yet. Watch the episode for yourself.

BEYONCE performs on Country Music Awards and the reaction was everything

Bey at CMA

(BlacksinHollywood.com) – When Pop Singer, Beyonce dropped a country tune inside her new visual album Lemonade, it was the biggest crossover news in country music since Justin Timberlake brought down the house at the Country Music Association Awards last year alongside Chris Stapleton, who borrowed their song almost entirely from Etta Mae’s “I’d Rather Go Blind.” (Watch her big CMA performance and ALL the videos below)

While some make think Beyonce’s Texas Bama roots inspired the songs, the truth is Black people invented country and the blues. Beyonce spins a tale a father who taught his daughter to defend herself in “Daddy Lessons” and it works.

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MEGA CASTING OPPORTUNITIES: Lead speaking roles on Law & Order and more!

Muscle Milk casting Steph Curry blacksinhollywood.com(BlacksinHollywood.com) – Usually we post each casting notice, alert or opportunity separately but there’s too many to post this time so we’re doing our first ever MEGA CASTING OPPORTUNITY post.

BlacksinHollywood.com strives to help diversify Hollywood by ensuring that casting information is given to our readers.

Please always pay close attention to the instructions and NEVER try to do a “work around” to the requirements. There will always be another opportunity but if you ruin your reputation, you’ll cancel your own checks, literally.

Law and Order castingLAW & ORDER is HIRING for LEAD SPEAKING ROLES, which means if you get this job you’ll also get a SAG card! Now that’s an opportunity.

Law & Order casting directors are looking to fill 6 more roles for an ongoing series and filming next month. They are looking for Spanish speaking or bilingual actors in general, as well as extras. Actors who have “something different” about them. Experienced talent will be called in to auditions first. Ages and look have not been specified yet.

If you are interested in being on the next season of this drama filled series make sure to submit out your headshot and resume to the casting agency immediately.

For the full list, click the “CONTINUE READING” button.  Break a leg everyone! Continue reading

America’s Next Top Model gets a release date

(BlacksinHollywood.com) – If you’ve been patiently awaiting the return of Tyra Banks’ hit reality competition series “America’s Next Top Model,” you’ll love this news. ANTM – without Banks – premieres on VH1 on Monday, Dec. 12 at 10 p.m.  The revised series will be hosted by singer Rita Ora, an odd choice to replace Banks. Judges will rotate but include plus size model Ashley Graham, Paper magazine’s Drew Elliott and stylist Law Roach.

Not sure about Rita Ora as a host or fashionista? Neither are we. Thankfully, Tyra Banks will continue on the show as executive producer with Ken Mok. Tyra Banks will make hit and miss appearances throughout the season.

REALITY TV MASH UP: “The Real” talk show teams with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for week of drama

Tamera Mowry had Tamar Braxton FIRED from The Real - BlacksinHollywood“We can’t wait to hang out with Porsha, Cynthia, Kenya and Phaedra! We’ll catch up on all the drama from the show, their love lives, motherhood and everything else in between. Our fans will just have to tune-in to sip all the tea!” said the hosts of “The Real,” Adrienne BailonLoni LoveJeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley.



chicago-fireFor the next episode of “Chicago Fire,” producers are searching for males and females to play an onlooker, 18 to 80, any ethnicities, who have not worked in the past two months. The date TBD.

Please submit a recent color photograph with your height, weight, age, phone number, city and state. Please put with “Onlooker at car crash” in the subject line. Please list all your clothing sizes and shoe sizes. Please list your acting experience.

No headshots, no comp cards, no photos with sunglasses or hats. Continue reading

NUMBER ONE: Knowles Family tree is musical masterpiece

slide1(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – According to the mothers of Beyonce and Solange’s little brother, Nixon and little sister, Koi, the children are as musically and creatively talented as their famous siblings.

But no one could have expected that Solange would be the talk of the town. Her new CD, a “Seat at the Table,” would become such a monster hit. In fact, she is the second woman in teh family to have a number one CD debut making Beyonce and Solange the FIRST EVER sister that have reached number.

To watch Solange’s videos, click here

CASTING: “Get Down” Season 2

Get Down Season 2 casting(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – If you’re a fan of “The Get Down,” season two is coming. Though there were rumors of its demise, they aren’t true (yet.)

NON UNION African American and Hispanic Men & Women to portray Party Goers on the Netflix hit series The Get Down.  *** MUST HAVE 1970s STYLE HAIR, ALL NATURAL*** Fitting Monday 9/26
Work Date Tuesday 9/27

While you missed the call, it should give you hope that more chances will be coming.

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: The Black Week in Pictures

Sometimes things fall apart(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Sometimes in order to appreciate how good someone is you to see them fail. That’s what happened at NYFW when a model took a knee – literally. She went down like Goliath at the Michael Kors runway show.

But that wasn’t the only memorable times that have been had at NY Fashion Week. In fact, some of the coolest moments were captured by BlacksinHollywood.com.

Sit back and enjoy!

DRAKE & TYRA BANKS are dating in new video “Child’s Play”


(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Even though the project was done months before Drake did his grown man thang and told the world he’s in love with Rihanna at the VMAs, he and sexy actress Tyra Banks were in love – at least in his new music video for his track “Child’s Play.

Watch video by clicking photo to the left.

HOT GIRLS: Malia Obama has America stressed out and praying she’ll cool down soon

President Obama Michelle Obama weight gain

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – If you read the headlines, you’ll see Malia Obama is got some people worried that she’s auditioning to be the next cover girl on the cover of a hip hop magazine complete with stilettos and booty shorts. But if you find that at all stressful to think about, imagine how mom Michelle Obama feels about her eldest daughter being considered for pin up posters.

There’s only so much a parent can do and many parents turn to the bottle, drugs or even food. According to reports, FLOTUS Michelle Obama is packing on the pounds to cope with her daughter’s weed smoking, racy lifestyle. While many are quick to point out that Malia has few Black friends, that could be a saving grace for her. If she had some Black friends, her rise to booty short diva could be faster.

Clearly the GAP YEAR story was bogus and the Obamas were just trying to save face because Malia may have threatened not to go to college at all. Plus, a year for a hot teen is a long time so we’re hoping she’ll get her butt in school before she gets too wild. At least on a college campus, it’s hard to get truth out to the public. Ain’t nobody ready for Malia the hot girl. Let’s hope it’s just a phase our girl will return to us soon.

CASTING OPPORTUNITY: Kanye West casting Multiracial Women for NY Fashion Week 2016

Kanye West casting for NY Fashion Week 2016

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – As we’re gearing up for NY Fashion Week, the amount of casting opportunities is increasing. One of the more interesting ones comes from rapper turned fashion icon Kanye West who is casting multiracial women without make up for NY Fashion Week 2016 fashion shows.

The auditions are set up for Sunday, September 4, 2016 at Jack Studios in Studio 6 locate at 01 West 26th Street, NY, NY 10001. Please do not wear make up. This call is for makeless women.

Kanye slammed for dissing Black models in multiracial women only post


HOLLYWOOD HUSTLE: Gabourey Sidibe shows off dramatic weight loss

gabourey-sidibe-weight-loss-before and after blacksinhollywood.com

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – For all that’s been said about and done to Gabby Sidibe, you’d think she would be like Teflon. But apparently the haters hate got to her and she decided to “conform to societal norms.” That’s right our girl Gabby has lost weight and she’s going all out to let people know she’s ready for her sexual close ups.

We’ve loved her since the days of Precious but we’ve also witnessed the devastating comments and posts about her after she did sex scenes on the hit TV show, “Empire.” While we were as shocked as anyone about the sex scenes, she didn’t look horrible doing it. The blonde wig was more distracting than her weight.

Either way, we’re happy to see she’s happy for one basic reason: We love Gabby Sidibe!

Serena Williams launches new bra and is thinking about making movies

SerenaWilliams macy's bra blackpressradio DC LiversSpecial to BlacksinHollywood.com
by DC Livers

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – I’d be lying if I said hanging with Serena Williams at her bra event at Macy’s in NYC was the first time I’ve met her. I’ve been in the media game for a long time, so I’ve had a lot of opportunity to see her up close. Still, her August 25, 2016 event was by far one of my favorites.

I was so excited for her as a business woman and role model. She was very composed and looked amazing even as fans got a little crazy when she bent down and poked her booty out to hug a six-year-old fan. Continue reading

MINI WEB SERIES in PRODUCTION: Holy & Horny chronicles the online dating journey of a Black blogger

ebook cover: Relationship Goals by DC Livers(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – If you’ve ever admired the photos of older African American married couples, you’ll notice that the man never seems to see his wife the way the person viewing the photo does. When you talk to the man, he speaks with such love and admiration of his wife you almost forget that her wig is crooked or that her glasses make her look a tad scary.  But when a man loves a woman – true and deep – he just remembers the feeling he had when he married his beautiful bride.

In her soon-to-be released ‘Relationship Goals: The eBook,” a collection short stories resulting from a 30 day online dating challenge, DC Livers chronicles what it’s like for a self professed “analog girl in a digital world looking for classic love during a time when men use women’s bathrooms, share makeup and lingerie.”

As the country battles it out for gender roles, Livers searches for men who value classic gender roles of a man and a woman. “I don’t see what the big deal. If I want to cook my man a meal or bake him an ice cream cake for his birthday while wearing a pretty pink apron and high heels, why does that make feminists mad? If the men I meet what to live and love a woman born a woman who is straight and proud, why does that make him a homophobe? This eBook is as much about the history of Black America as it is about love. It’s just one person’s take on dating in 2016.” Continue reading

LISTEN NOW: Frank Ocean’s new CD “Boys Don’t Cry” is a weird trip

frank ocean is weird(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Frank Ocean has been playing around geting folks all excited that he might drop new music at the beginning of August 2016 but didn’t do it. Fans went berserk but now they’re happy again because he finally released “Boys Don’t Cry.”

Ocean released a visual album called Endless on Thursday night through Apple Music. The first track from Blond, “Nikes,” was released in the early hours of this morning. The album features contributions from Beyoncé, Jamie XX, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Rick Rubin, Tyler, The Creator, Pharrell Williams, and Yung Lean.

Ocean shared a note on his Tumblr page about the release, thanking his fans for their patience: “I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE MAKING ALL OF THIS,” he wrote. “THANK YOU ALL. ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO NEVER LET ME FORGET I HAD TO FINISH. WHICH IS BASICALLY EVERY ONE OF YA’LL. HAHA. LOVE YOU.”

Let’s review the CD together. What do you think?

CASTING CALL: Queen Latifah’s new project is looking for you

star new series casting 2016

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Brought to you by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy and headlined by Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt, the production prep is about to go down for a brand new TV series, “STAR!”

The drama follows three singers who are desperate for a new start with ambitions of stardom, navigate the cut-throat music business on their road to success.

This will begin shooting throughout the Atlanta area in September 2016 so you’ll want to stay tuned to BlacksinHollywood.com. Those who FOLLOW the blog will have the information first so don’t miss out. FOLLOW this blog NOW!

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CELEBRITY WEDDING: Ray J marries Princess, Kanye reacts

(www.BlRsy J marries Princess, Kanye reactsacksinHollywood.com) – Our little brother Ray J is all growed up and married, y’all. But not everyone is happy about it. Kanye West decided to weigh in:

Kanye can’t believe Ray J found a woman who actually wants to be married to him. Kanye laughed at the pictures he saw of Ray J trying to be so royal and regal with his imitation Coming To America getup, trying to be the Prince of Zamunda like Eddie Murphy. Ray will never be on the status of Kanye and his only claim to fame is for a mistake Kim [Kardashian] made with him years ago.”

While most people. – even his mom – aren’t big fans of Princess, we love Ray J and wish him happiness.



SEXY BLACK OLYMPIANS: The hottest Black athletes competing in Rio

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – When it comes to sexy Black men, the Rio Olympics has not disappointed. BlacksinHollywood.com has compiled a list of the sexiest athletes and you’re going to want to share this.

#1: DAVID OLIVER is an Olympian track star whose shoulders will make you swoon with delight. He’s also incredibly intelligent but let’s face it, you’ll have to watch his competitions on repeat.

#2: TEDDY RINER: Sexy doesn’t get any sexier than when it’s said in french and Teddy Riner – by far the tallest drink of water in the Judo competition – will take your breath away.

#3: DONNELL “Don Don” WHITTENBURG:  Built strong mentally and physically, Don Don is a class act gentleman and a top class athelete.

CLINTON CASH: The movie that may cost Hillary Clinton her presidency

clinton cash movie african americans

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – If you weren’t at the Democratic National Convention, it’s nearly impossible to state the circus that surrounded the events that were NOT televised. So much wasn’t reported that the “non-reporting” has become a bigger story than what was reported. One of those things includes a damning and biased movie called, “CLINTON CASH,” that caused such an uproar that over one million people have watched in just a few days.

Watch the movie Clinton Cash” the Black Men for Bernie speaker said, adding, “the next time one of [Hillary Clinton’s] people run in your face, you say, ‘You need to check this out.”

“We need to start waking them up also,” the speaker said of Hillary Clinton supporters, “just like we’ve been woken up.

“That’s what we do. We teach.”

Here’s the full movie. See what you think.

CLINTON CASH: The movie that may cost Hillary Clinton her presidency